2020 Christmas Gift Ideas

If 2020's Christmas feels different for any of you, we feel you..

With the pandemic still looming over our shoulders, some of us might find it challenging to head out to the shops or even have budget constraints - especially if the gift list is long.

If you are on a budget, this list is for you.

1)   Decide among family/friends that each family gets a gift or only kids below 18 get gifts.  

2)   Gift of time/ Acts of Service. You will be surprise that handing out “Care Coupons” to babysit the kids for a day, whipping up a warm meal for the family or a make-over for a friend are alot more appreciated than tangible gifts.

3)   Baked goods. Baking and decorating cookies can be a fun activity for the family. Make them in large batches and pack them to distribute. Nothing says thoughtful as much as a handmade gift.

4) Care packs don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Buy value packed snacks(popcorn, candy, nuts), fuzzy socks and some body lotion/soaps. Divide them into boxes and ta-dah!

Christmas is the season of giving, and we give what we can.

Good Luck and have a blessed Christmas!

Always check out for more gift ideas!

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